Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break

Let's just state this for the record - we absolutely love Demi Lovato. And her new single Give Your Heart A Break makes us want to run outside and shout it from every rooftop. Because it's that good, that exceptionally brilliant. The rest of Demi's Unbroken album might have been a mixed affair, plagued by a number of wishy-washy R&B collab-heavy moments, but Give Your Heart A Break sees Demi re-born as an empowered pop princess every bit the equal of Miley or Selena.

It's that chorus, like a fanfare of triumphant joy effusing out across the skyline to the very corners of world, a union-spanning instant of POP in its purest, most refined form. It makes you feel like you could take on an army single-handed and come out on top. It's brilliant, so brilliant. And it makes us very excited about Demi coming to the UK to promote Unbroken early in April.

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