Sunday, 11 March 2012

Cover Drive - Sparks

Much can be said for those gorgeous, special songs that capture the aspects of love in the most reflective and sweetly heart-aching ways. If Cover Drive’s Twilight was the up-beat life-anthem, a soundtrack to tropical-kissed nights out on the town, then follow-up single Sparks is the unleashed pinning for that one and only as the night-proper sets in. That chorus hook of ‘happy to see you, setting me off like sparks, unite all the colours inside my heart’ is just divine, the kind of pop lyric that while on a base level so simple, cuts to the truth of feelings we’ve all felt so many times. Sparks wonderfully twins Amanda’s sensual Barbadian vocals with more of that dreamy EuroPop sound they put to such good use on Twilight, but now with an almost Gothic melancholy to affairs. Sparks is another definite firm step along the path of chart domination, and as a group, Cover Drive’s mixed female/male dynamic is a refreshing jolt of life into radio-friendly pop.
Sparks is released on the 23rd April.

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