Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Coldplay feat. Rihanna – Princess of China

On hearing Princess of China for the first time, we had a bit of an epiphany – it was like Coldplay melded into some new form of life, some new exciting offshoot of a band for who a collab with the biggest female popstar in the world was mere second nature. While the rest of Mylo Xyloto felt very much within the expected constraints of the Coldplay formula (and excelled through that), Princess of China felt like its own beast – a magical, mythical creation that bursted with melodic intent and synthy prettiness. In hindsight, Rihanna slips into the orient-tinged trappings of the song like a second-skin, weaving Coldplay’s trademark stadium-filling chants to a luxuriant silkiness oft not heard in her voice. The result is utterly enchanting, and assuredly one of Coldplay’s best moments to date.
Princess of China is set for a June release date.

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