Saturday, 10 March 2012

Christina Perri - Arms

Christina  Perri’s Jar of Hearts was the kind of song, that taken on its own, and given scant airing, was perfectly acceptable; enjoyable even. But only ever in small doses. Which unfortunately was never on the cards, as radio stations hammered it to death before it was swiftly offered up as an X Factor favourite and rendered even more unpalatable. New single Arms is much the same, but pushes the levels of twee kookiness to stretching point. Even the video, with its artsy decadence seems to scream ‘Look at me!’. Introspectiveness in music is all well and good, but not when it’s done with Perri’s degree of self-serving obviousness. Doubtless armies of teens and lovers will find meaning in her words and quaintly manicured tracks, but it’s all just too sweetly sugared for broader tastes. It’s a profusion of emotion, presented in the most tawdry of ways.
Arms is released on the 2nd April

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