Thursday, 1 March 2012

Charlie Simpson - Farmer & His Gun [Animated Video]

If any kind of 'video of the year' award was given purely on sheer adorable quality, then the new animated clip for Charlie Simpson's Farmer & His Gun would be a firm favourite. Especially if you like rabbits.

Created by acclaimed animation director Alice Dupre, the video echoes the classic Watership Down movie, which we absolutely adored as kids (even if bits of it did slightly scare us). Charlie's re-envisionment of the tale nicely incorporates the lyrics themselves into the video as they blow past in a flurry of wind and autumnal leaves. There's something in the quaint simplicity of the video that's utterly captivating and best of all, it has a happy ending!

Really tapping into the sweet, story-book vibe of the song itself, we reckon the video makes for the perfect accompaniment to Charlie's upcoming EP release of the track - also included is a heartfelt cover of Jackson Browne's Barricades of Heaven.

Farmer & His Gun is released on the 25th March.

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