Friday, 24 February 2012

Vinyl Jacket - Red Light

Introducing Vinyl Jacket, who come on like a high pitched Vampire Weekend, twirled up in all the fey pop sensibilities of The Maccabees. It's a beat-focussed blend of eclecticism that leaps and bounds about faster than a rabbit on speed.

Red Light pushes the quick-beat element to the max via an Everything Everything-esque route of quirk. Indeed, the EE lads have fittingly been rafted in for remix duties of the track. The lasting impression of Vinyl Jacket is a group that thrives on sheer electric dynamism, twitching across all aspects of their music with a sprite-like dexterity. Red Light, with its bewildering assortment of concocted synth tweaks and funky bass underpinning plays as a real calling card for the group, and has already been charming its way around the Radio 1 airwaves.

Red Light is released on the 5th March.

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