Monday, 27 February 2012

Stooshe - Love Me (Feat. Travie McCoy)

I'm really struggling to like Stooshe - and that's a rarity for me, because usually I adore girlbands. The thing is, Love Me/Fuck Me (whatever you want to call it, depending on your appetite for naughtiness), just doesn't feel strong enough for a proper 'let's break into the mainstream' single.

Yes, it might be doing the rounds on Radio 1 with a nice boost from ubiquito-man Travie MccCoy on board as your standard rent-a-rapper feature role, but beyond all that, Love Me feels at best, only perfunctory.

The hook's decent, in it's own right, but put alongside similar teen-bopper R&B/Pop types like Dionne Bromfield, Stooshe's brand just feels too insubstantial and airy to make any lasting mark. The girls' attitude's might be charming - filtered through some cheery comic ad-libs, but as those funky guitar lines trail out, you're left with no voracious need to immediately listen to the track again; to really, really buy into the group.

Love Me is released on the 5th March.

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