Saturday, 4 February 2012

Shaz Condon / The Beautiful - Love's Leaving

For former Wonderland girl Shaz Condon, 2012 is a year of exciting new beginnings. Repositioning herself as part of four piece band The Beautiful, new single Love's Leaving on first impressions bears much in common with Condon's girl group days - sweet, melodic pop rock; but this time with added grit, crunchy guitar riffs and a definite 'band' vibe.

As with Wonderland, there's obvious debts to The Corrs in the airy, feather-light melodies and sugary vocal harmonies. Condon's vocals remain staunchly at the heart of the track and here she's afforded space to develop a sense of her own voice far more than on Wonderland's self-titled debut, where the vocal duties were obviously shared out piece-meal amongst the group.

Perhaps what stands out most about Love's Leaving though is just how rock it is. Cracking pop tune it undoubtedly is, but in the snarling feedback drenched guitar and Condon's belted ad-libs, the single leaps out as a tantalising promise for even greater things to come from The Beautiful. Popstars often don't get enough credit for sticking it out in the industry, but serious kudos are due to Condon for making a proper go of things - if there's more to come from her in the vein of Love's Leaving, you could very well be looking at one of the most promising new talents on the block. Wonderland, it seems, was just the beginning.

Love's Leaving is available as a free download from The Beautiful's Facebook page.

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