Monday, 20 February 2012

The Saturdays - The Celestial Princesses photoshoot

Two of our biggest passions are pop and sci-fi/fantasy, so when the two combine with brilliant ingenuity, we get pretty excited. Whether it be Cheryl Cole dressing up as Seven-of-Nine in X Factor press shots, Kylie appearing in Doctor Who or Madonna taking a styling lesson from the lands of Skyrim, we love it all.

So imagine how bowled over we were by this dreamy Saturdays photoshoot from their All Fired Up tour programme - we're going to dub it the 'Celestial Princesses' photoshoot. What with its wintery theme, it all fits very nicely with the Icelandic setting of the My Heart Takes Over video too. Because we like to let our mind run away with itself, we started musing about the photoshoot and the song and something began to crystallise within our consciousness. Play the track with this image in mind, and think of another time, another place, where all this is the beginnings of some Final Fantasy-esque epic of unparallelled levels of amazing.

Across the foreign oceans and the shores of black volcanic silt, up along the sharp craggy peaks and down through the valleys to a distant tower looking out on the realm arrayed at their feet - these five princesses hold a kingdom in the palm of their hands. Therein lies a song, of ancient orgins, passed down their royal lineage back through the hazy generations to the dawn of all creation...

Are you really walking away from this?
Can you really break this love?
Tell me, do you know - when is your heart in need?
If you leave, then leave
Make up your mind before you shut the door

Going back in time,
You know we have tried, too hard to let this fade
Almost disappeared, still we made it here
Look me in the eye, promise I won't cry
This is your choice to make
If you go, then go
You change your mind, I won't be here no more

If there's a chance
We might've missed
If there's a ray of light in this
If there's a small piece left of us
Somewhere in the battles we have lost
Look at me - this is where my heart takes over...

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