Monday, 27 February 2012

Rita Ora - Party and Bullshit

Rita Ora. You'll know her vocals - she was 'the voice' behind DJ Fresh smash Hot Right Now. And while we were a little unconvinced by that track - it felt too similar to the previous DJ Fresh record, Louder - Rita's first proper solo offering represents a far more attractive prospect.

The tantalisingly named Party and Bullshit sees Rita lined up as Ke$ha/Katy Perry type, out to cause some mischief and mayhem. Signed to Roc Nation, there's certainly now the heft for her to start punching up there with the pop heavyweights, and with dreamy refrains of 'when the sun sets baby, on the avenue...', Party and Bullshit feels so of the moment, so neatly positioned to enter the pop market, you feel you could almost pen Rita down as an assured success already.

From dance diva to pop starlet, Rita Ora seems to be turning heads whichever way she goes.

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