Monday, 27 February 2012

Paul Weller - That Dangerous Age

For an artist who's been knocking around as long as Paul Weller has, to release an album as vital sounding as Sonik Kicks (and with artwork that looks like it's come straight out of a neon-drenched Hoxton nightclub) is a proper achievement.

And the thing is, new single That Dangerous Age isn't just treading comfortable water, as so many of Weller's contemporaries arguably have, but a track that really stands out with all the bright intense vibrancy of that neon cover.

Motorik rhythms, crudely fizzing steam-punk synthesizers and a chorus to set the morning alight, That Dangerous Age is a big, bold pop record at heart; of the kind that could teach upstart young bands a thing or two about penning a great hook. A real treat from one of music's true legends.

That Dangerous Age is released on the 12th March.

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