Friday, 3 February 2012

[Official Video] Madonna - Give Me All Your Luvin

If anyone knows about making a bloody good go of a comeback, it's Madonna. She's done it enough times already. But it has to be said, her stock has been at something of an all time low since the tepid Hard Candy and its faux pretentions at urban credibility.

Thank God then for Give Me All Your Luvin, a return to unabashed pure-pop Madonna - it's like the best bits of her 80s glory days given a 21st century overall. With cheerleader chants - always a plus. And while it might not be perfect - Madge's vocals aren't the strongest, and the Nicki Minaj rap feels oddly shoe-horned in - the frankly brilliant video does more than enough to paper over these flaws.

Like Material Girl gone bonkers, the video picks Madonna up and puts her down in a papery studio of comprised America, and yes... more cheerleaders. Best of all, Nicki and M.I.A. don those cheerleader outfits themselves and lead the pack - indeed, it's worth watching for that alone. It's surreal, flippant fun that could only come from the woman who has already conquered the  world a hundred times over - now free to pursue whatever damn direction she wants.

Dripping in all the trappings of Americana we've come to expect from Madge, Give Me All Your Luvin feels like a genuine return to both form, and fun. She looks good in the video, and most importantly, looks like she's having a good time. And on this alone, I'm holding out great hopes for the album.

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