Friday, 3 February 2012

[Official Video] Coldplay - Charlie Brown

Raving in a club - perhaps not the first place you'd imagine to find Coldplay. But it's ok, they've got their instruments with them, so all the rock aficionados can breathe easy. But to put it simply, Mylo Xyloto was in many ways Coldplay's pop effort, a full-on embracing of those clean, glacial sounds and immense hooks they've had a knack for turning out over all these years.

And of those tracks, none felt more triumphant or euphoric than Charlie Brown, and it's stunning new video only backs that up. Looking for all the world like a trailer cut from highlights of a gritty Misfits/Kidulthood urban drama, it seems suffused with the way Coldplay's songs are inextricably wound up in the fabric of contemporary culture and society.

When you're the biggest band in the world, you take up the mantle of being a sort of voice-and-eyes of the nation, and Charlie Brown is all that, distilled down to four minutes of soaring, neon-drenched brilliance.

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