Monday, 13 February 2012

Maverick Sabre - I Used To Have It All

Recently I’ve seen a lot of commentary levelled at the likes of Maverick Sabre and Michael Kiwanuka for sounding ‘too much like the 70s’. But that’s no bad thing I’d say. I mean, we still play and love the great records of the era like we always did, so where’s the harm in trying to recreate those sounds? And in the smoky soft-shuffle hiss of Maverick’s I Used To Have It All, he does exactly that. Touching that hazy middle-ground between rap and singing he does so well, Maverick shoves on a load of uplifting brass and organ backing that is just so much the essence of some thirty years ago you feel you could reach out and touch that faded long-gone past. I Used To Have It All is beautiful, arrestingly moving and even verges into Bond theme territory at moments – hence, it’s all rather amazing. Hurrah for the 70s, we say!
I Used To Have It All is released on the 30th April.

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