Friday, 24 February 2012

Labrinth - Last Time [Official Video]

Look, it's a green alien! Oh... wait, now it's blue! No, no.... now there's about fifty of them, all dancing away like it's Saturday Night Fever all over again!

And this is only one of the many brilliantly bonkers bits and bobs in the new Labrinth video for Last Time, a panoply of bizarrely surreal imagery that seems half like the cork's been unstoppered on a bottle of distilled sci-fi, and half like a venture into the hilly landscape of Teletubbie-land.

Flying cars, elephants bouncing on trampolines, and Labrinth himself arrayed in a magic coat of many colours - you can guarantee this'll be the only video this year where you'll get this degree of sheer What?! moments. And that's how we like it. Oh, and the track itself is excellent - as another writer put it, like Drake meets the Pet Shop Boys.

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