Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Kimbra - Two Way Street

She's the lass off of Gotye's mega hit Somebody That I Used To Know, but for my money, Kimbra's Two Way Street is way, way better than the Gotye track. The song's one of those real surprise gems that sneaks up on you before unleashing a hook so magnificently brilliant you struggle to conceive of how you got by before it. *That* chorus, it's so uplifting, so reflectively hopeful, it's like all the rays of the spring sun kissing the very core of your essence. In short, when people talk about something being feel-good, they mean what Two Way Street sounds like. Oh, and 800,000 YouTube views can't be wrong.

The meandering piano chords, the blissed out, carefree vocal harmonies, it's the summation of contented nature. And again, *that* chorus. The Gotye track might have put her name out there, but Kimbra, as a solo star in her own right, more than proves on Two Way Street that she's got the punch to stand on her own two feet.

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