Sunday, 12 February 2012

InMe - The Pride

Powerful fifth album riff-rockery from the Essex lads, The Pride’s real charm comes in its bringing together of straight-laced solid guitar hooks with a wide-ranging smatter of baroque influences. Strings, needling solos and choir-esque harmonies on Beautiful Sky Gardens, staccato electronics that wouldn’t sound out of place on the latest Enter Shikari album on Moonlit Seabed. Even on the slower numbers like the languidly decadent Escape to Mysteriopa, the band keep the standards high, sketching the tracks together with a binding unity that only adds to the quality of the individual songs. From the beating core of its heart, flowing outward, there’s just so much going on in the album, captured at its best in rousing closing number Legacy, which trips from the blissful flanged chords of its opening to the terrific Hollywood blockbuster-scale crescendo. The ambition of the album is palpable, its consistency assured.
Download: A Great Man / Legacy / Beautiful Sky Gardens / Moonlit Seabed

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