Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Friends - Friend Crush

I like it when bands include part of their band name within one of their songs, there's something delightfully self referential about it. Thus, Friend Crush, the debut single from Brooklyn outfit, feels like a profusely companionable effort.

The track is classic radio fodder, a real indie-pop gem in the vein of Foster The People, with definite touches of Ladyhawke in their too. From the trippy, bubbling little synth hooks to the whispery, hushed vocals, there's a contained prettiness to Friend Crush that speaks of a band with a rich tapestry of a future yet to unfold.

Oh, and speaking of Friends, It's perhaps not the easiest name to go around with internet-wise too - a quick glance on last.fm reveals at least 11 acts called 'Friends'. But that doesn't really matter when their debut is this good.

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