Monday, 13 February 2012

Florence + The Machine - Never Let Me Go

One word bandied about a lot in relation to Florence + The Machine is ‘big’. It’s kind of inescapable – big vocals, big record sales, big performances. But Never Let Me Go not only feels justified of the ‘big’ moniker, but goes beyond it to become suffused in the very essence of what the word means. From its swaying gospel-tinged refrains to the pounding piano chords, it acts like a dazzling stained glass window to capture saint-like Florence in every aspect of her glory. Her recent Q magazine interview is fascinating too, the kind of feature that portrays an artist whose life and career you absolutely want to be a part of. Florence is the sort of artist and persona you want to dive into, to completely submerge yourself in and drink deep. An acquired taste no doubt, but one that in instances like Never Let Me Go, is the most refreshing, revitalising taste of life you can get.
Never Let Me Go is released on the 5th April.

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