Saturday, 11 February 2012

Enter Shikari - Arguing With Thermometers

As far as guttural raw energy goes, Arguing With Thermometers is Enter Shikari at their most playfully frenetic. While Stalemate and Meltdown make a better case for the incredible quality and consistency of new album A Flash Flood Of Colour, Arguing With Thermometers sees the band cramming an insane amount of genres into a single track. The result? All their trademark bombast, but slapped onto a streamlined radio chorus that's seen them welcomed into the fold of primetime airplay.

The track keeps hitting, boxer-style - the chemical toxicity of the bass chugging out under the raps and cocked eyebrow drug-referencing lines like: 'I ain't talking about class Aaaaaaa's!' It's loose abandon and lads-hitting-the-town good-times, Enter Shikari style. And that of course, entails a bloody wild ride.

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