Monday, 13 February 2012

Dot Rotten – Are You Not Entertained?

He’s appeared on UK urban artist extravaganza The Collective and collab’d with our personal fave bright young talent Russo, but for his debut single proper, Dot Rotten goes for the all-out onslaught of swaggery raps and beats so fierce they could tear your face off. Are You Not Entertained is the kind of track that has every bit of the punch needed to back up combatitive lyrics like ‘if my attitude stinks am I meant to change’. At its best, Are You Not Entertained sounds like a profusely British version of Outkast, pumped through the filthiest of grime filters. Going in hard, Dot Rotten is all the determination and attitude you want from a new artist smashing into the mainstream.
So, to state the obvious, we’re definitely entertained.
Are You Not Entertained is released on the 5th March.

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