Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Beautiful - Open Your Heart

A couple of weeks ago we reviewed the first track from new four-piece The Beautiful, headed up by former Wonderland member Shaz Condon - Love's Leaving was a firm, decisive move towards a more determined, adult sound. And taking that track as a foundation, Open Your Heart builds to even greater heights.

It's better produced, more full-bodied, more visceral - a real single-worthy contender of a track that works Condon's vocals to their best and throbs with that proper 'band' vibe that we liked so much on Love's Leaving. It's in the sky-slicing chorus that Open Your Heart reaches its fullest potential though, a proper 'moment' that really notches the song up to the next level.

There's touches of real ethereal beauty to the track, like a rocked-up Ellie Goulding let loose to frollick amidst the wildness of the elements. With all the pop charm befitting of Condon's past, The Beautiful also look forward to a more maturely demeanoured future, and going by what we've heard so far, the prospect of a whole album of this sort of stuff is very exciting indeed.

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