Saturday, 4 February 2012

Andrew Butler - February 14th EP

The debut EP from London singer songwriter Andrew Butler, for all its starry night campfire folk riffing, feels profoundly big. With its transatlantic sound, blending effortlessly between the idylls of rural England and mid America, feels brave and all encompassing – an open invitation for any listener to draw up an easy chair, sit down and enjoy. Songs like Wars of the Heart draw the focus back to the simple things in life, the pleasures of good company and sweet reminiscing.
Music this good, this richly textured, is made for a TV scale – even as the first delicate refrains of A Thousand Words creep in you can imagine it soundtracking some crisp autumnal scene in a well-made drama. The tender, almost apprehensive plucking of the guitar strings against the slow swell and ebb of strings is pitched to an emotion tugging ambience that’s arrestingly disarming. Speaking from the heart and the tips of fingers, Butler makes real stop and stare music, stuff that needs to be breathed in, absorbed, circulated – all distilled right down to the essence of what makes great folk tunes.
Butler’s Johnny Cash cover Guess Things Happen That Way is available to download for free.
The February 14th EP is, you guessed it, released on the 14th February.

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