Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Alyssa Reid - Alone Again

There’s a tendency to be sceptical about any young up and coming talent, especially when their debut single plots a course straight for the Number One spot. Even more so when they’re only 18. I mean, why couldn’t we have had a Number One when we were that age? (it might have clashed badly with our A Level exams, to be fair).
But for Alyssa Reid, it all seems so easy. On the surface, she all comes across as very much the bog standard pretty-girl-plays-piano, tapping neatly into that whole New Girl kooky aesthetic. But first impressions aside, the Canadian’s single – Alone Again – is half-decent, an urban accented slice of pop so in tune with the generic centre of what’s popular right now you can almost imagine the nation’s radio stations queuing up to offer their dues before it was even finished. It’s all a bit Read All About It all over again, but with added Hollywood factor.
What’s that Alyssa? Twilight calling – they want you on their next movie soundtrack.

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