Sunday, 29 January 2012

The Ting Tings – Hang It Up

Eager to reassert the fact that they are very much still here, and still going, The Ting Tings’ new single mashes the girl-rap feistiness that made That’s Not My Name so deliriously good with a kind of Beastie Boys punk energy.
The results are a crunching, metallic fist-punch of a record that screams attention, a tantrum-like explosion that both pushes the duo’s sound forward and promises there are greater things to come from them.
Four years since they released their debut We Started Nothing and the musical landscape of the UK has changed vastly, but something in the brat-attitude of Hang It Up hints that The Ting Tings could very easily see a return to the kind of double-platinum success We Started Nothing was gifted with.
The Ting Tings’ new album Sounds of Nowheresville is released on the 27th February.

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