Tuesday, 24 January 2012

[Official Video] Mastodon - Dry Bone Valley

For a video that technically is just a very artfully manipulated set of still images, Mastodon's Dry Bone Valley is a damn sight more visually arresting than a lot of 'proper' promo clips out there right now.

There's something about the beat-synced rapid-fire onslaught of uber-surreal imagery (skulls, the zodiac, pentagrams etc.) that bores right through your eyes into the very heart of your consciousness. It's like the ultimate in acid trips, locking you in to a state where only you, the video and the song exist - in short, it totally lays claim to your mind for the video's four minute duration.

Matching up to the rollicking intensity of the track itself - one of the definitive highlights from the band's insanely brilliant The Hunter LP - Dry Bone Valley is art, rock and imagery blitzed into a mind-blasting cocktail of sugar-rush proportions. Potent stuff, that's for sure.

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