Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mohombi gets interactive!

Mohombi... In Your Head in every sense of the word. He's the guy who's already collab'd with Nicole Scherzinger and worked with always-awesome Lady Gaga producer RedOne, and now he's set his sights on the UK. With his debut release here set for the 5th March, it's a fair bet In Your Head is going to be a firm future No. 1.

But here's something new - ever been enjoying a YouTube video and found your thoughts wandering, eager to do something extra, to engage a little more with the track and the artist? Well now you can! Mohombi has rustled up this rather nifty interactive YouTube video which links through to various mixes of In Your Head.

Take Me Underground, Slow It Down or our personal favourite, Give Me A Floorfiller! - it's basically triple the amount of Mohombi for your money. And then you can go back and listen to the original again, because it's that catchy.

Oh, and anyone that defines their own sound as 'Afro-Viking' wins our vote too.

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