Monday, 30 January 2012

Lamb of God - Resolution

If Lamb of God’s sixth studio effort Resolution is characterised by anything, it’s sheer technical capability. Tracks like Ghost Walking mount a devastating assault on the listener replete with rapid-fire drum salvos and guitar sharp enough to shred bone. Resolution is a full bodied, meaty slab of rock virtuosity if ever there was one and the American groove metalists punch this truth home again and again. Cracking out the guitar solos on To The End and pledging to ‘save the devil’s soul’, the record reaches its evil-tainted climax on the malevolently hissing sprawl of King Me. Blackly sinister in the most loquacious of senses, Resolution’s dark side is its greatest asset, a thrilling journey into the heart of metal’s deepest bowels.
Download: King Me / Ghost Walking / To The End

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