Friday, 27 January 2012

Katie Melua – Secret Symphony

The riotous thrill-ride of William Orbit produced masterpiece The Flood aside, you generally know what you’re getting with Katie Melua. With Secret Symphony – the singer’s fifth studio effort – Melua treads her traditional baroque path through a collective of melodious acoustic numbers. The record plays things safe – Secret Symphony is as MOR as adult pop comes – but as ever, the sheer elegance and sensuality of Melua’s vocals elevate the tracks out of the samey mire that could easily have affected the record. Indeed, the string-laced virtuosity of Gold In Them Hills and Forgetting All My Troubles reach movie-soundtrack levels of sumptuousness.  Beauty is an oft underrated quality in an album, and in every sense – musically and vocally - Secret Symphony has beauty in abundance.
Download: Gold In Them Hills / Better Than A Dream / Forgetting All My Troubles

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