Friday, 27 January 2012

Howler – America Give Up

Surf-pop revivalists Howler seem to be gunning to take up the mantle The Vaccines fulfilled last year – the youthful upstarts the indie scene can pin their hopes on for another twelve months. And based on rowdy debut Give Up America, they give it a fair shot. The hooks are loose, the guitar scratchy, but the pop appeal of Back Of Your Neck and the twee 50s nostalgia of America are undeniably enjoyable. At heart, Give Up America feels like a return to the home-built DIY college rock that spawned The Strokes (Told You So is particularly Casablancas-esque), a record that understands the charms of simple noisy brouhaha – and all in under thirty-five minutes.
Download: Back Of Your Neck / America / Told You Once

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