Sunday, 29 January 2012

Flo Rida – Wild Ones (feat. Sia)

In terms of ubiquitous rent-a-rapper stakes, Flo-Rida, Pitbull and T-Pain operate an unholy trinity of chart domination that ensures there’s strong odds on at least one of them ruling the airwaves at any given time. Thumping dance-rap collisions that sound like they’ve been knocked out in about five minutes, you know the score.
Compared to especially offensive recent T Pain single 5 O’Clock (it sounded like auto-tune spunked all over the Lily Allen sample), Flo Rida’s new single Wild Ones is marginally tolerable, chiefly due to the great guest vocal from Sia (also currently featuring on David Guetta’s Titanium). It’s nothing you won’t have heard a thousand times before, but Wild Ones shows that even the roughest of stones can be polished up in the right circumstances.

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