Monday, 23 January 2012

Dappy feat. Brian May - Rockstar

The UK is in dire need for another properly successful male solo star right now (someone that isn't Ed Sheeran basically). And as far as contenders go, Dappy's current stock is in pretty fine fettle.

Plying more of his singy-rappy thing on new single Rockstar, Dappy follows the foundations he set down with No Regrets pretty closely, but throws guitars into the mix too. Lots of them. Just like No Regrets, it's neither the worst pop track you'll hear this year, or the best, but it breathes success from every pore. Just as Dappy himself exudes a kind of uber-bravado, so too does Rockstar feel like the makings of an easy Number One single.

Serious kudos to him for managing to get Brian May on board though. Clearly even the Queen legend can't resist a bit of Dappy.

Rockstar is released on the 13th February.

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