Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Charlie Simpson - Farmer & His Gun

Charlie Simpson's debut solo effort Young Pilgrim was one of the real surprise treats of last year, an album that offered an artist truly hitting their stride, nestling in to a niche of comforting self-assurance and easy confidence.

And of all its songs, Farmer & His Gun always stood out as the lifeblood beating through the heart of the record. Eschewing big singer-songwritery chorus hooks for a more home-spun tale of country-tinged folk, Simpson's rousing calls to 'never lose your pride' form a passionate cornerstone for what the album stands as.

In its quaint, small-scale Britishness, the track paints an idyllic picture of pastoral England; lap steel and harmonica all wrapped up in a beautifully melodic blend. Authenticism is a word much bandied about when it comes to man-and-his-guitar types, but in Farmer & His Gun, Simpson achieves it in its purest form.

Farmer & His Gun is released on the 26th March.

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