Tuesday, 31 January 2012

BIGkids – Drum In Your Chest

Breathless raps and scratchy, twitching beats are the order of the day with BIGkids’ impressive debut Drum In Your Chest. The Camden duo – which sound a bit like a grown-up Rizzle Kicks – burst with frenetic energy that paints a re-invigorated, surreal take on British rap. Sonically adventurous yet radio-friendly to the extreme, the track even finds time to indulge in a brilliant synth-poppy middle-eight. Their booze, fag and Burger King hats single cover is quite something too. The duo are lined up to support Panic At The Disco on the 2nd February with further live dates later in the month.
Drum In Your Chest is released on March 4th.

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