Thursday, 26 January 2012

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures (GZUS Remix)

He's the folk bloke with a difference - and right now, the supremely talented Benjamin Francis Leftwich is courting some serious success. With a host of rapturous reviews for his debut album Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm and his UK tour set to kick off in February, the singer-songwriter is giving one of the album highlights, Pictures, a full single release.

The original version of the track is a lush, sumptuous number - contrasting gorgeous acoustic melodies with beautifully surreal imagery: 'if you crash a car into your best friend's house'. It's the kind of stuff TV networks lap up to soundtrack the emotional bits at the ends of their TV shows.

The dub-step GZUS remix of the track is something a gem too - those quaking in their boots at the thought of Benjamin's husky tones backed with relentless WUB, WUB needn't worry, this is a far mellower, more clinical affair - a real chill-out experience if ever there was one.

Pictures is released on the 22nd February.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures (GZUS Remix) by Dirty Hit

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