Friday, 30 December 2011

Kaiser Chiefs - On The Run

It's hard not to make a joke about the Kaiser Chiefs being 'on the run' themselves. The sales figures from their last album The Future Is Medieval were disastrous, despite the adventurous marketing techniques the band employed, with lead single Little Shocks liming to a woeful 179 in the official charts. Oh Dear.

Eager not to repeat the three year hiatus (where mostly everyone seemed to forget about them) that preceded the record, they're gunning for a 2012 release of new LP Start The Revolution Without Me. Of course, with a title as combative as that, the band seem almost to be setting themselves up for a kind of do-or-die scenario - they've come a long way from their 2 Million-selling debut and it's easy to think this latest effort might address a band frustrated with changing times and shifting scenes.

Speaking to the Daily Star about On The Run, the first single to be taken from the new album, drummer Nick Hodgson explained: 'I’m on the run from the world really. There are too many opinions out there, like on Twitter. It’s full of rude, cruel people.'

Touted as a 'rant against modern society', the building blocks of On The Run sound on paper like the starting point for pretty much any angsty indie rocker tune. The question of course is, can the Kaiser Chiefs actually recapture the witty pop fun that made the likes of I Predict a Riot and Ruby the massive hits they were?

The Future Is Medieval showed some glimmers of hope - Starts With Nothing was a glorious New Wave styled gem. And it's down this path we like to think the band will continue, not dropping away into a sea of samey resentment like so many of their contemporaries (The Pigeon Detectives... The Automatic...) have done...

On The Run is set for a January release date.

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