Tuesday, 12 July 2011

(Official Video) Wonderland - Nothing Moves Me Anymore

The Wonderland girls take on a far more solemn direction in the video for their latest single Nothing Moves Me Anymore - Gone are the carefree tones of Starlight, replaced by a song wrapped up in that aching sense of loss that comes from the ruins of a broken relationship.

Through the heart of this loss though, we have lots of shots of the girls in 'We're all in this together' poses - if everything's falling to pieces around them, they still remain together, defiant to the last.

The single mix of the track has been given a few tweaks, a nice little bonus to fans - it serves to add to the big ballady feel of the whole package too. It might be the middle of summer right now, but if ever a song and accompanying video felt more suited to one of those Comic Relief/Children In Need moments, it's this one.

My favourite bit of the video has to be the carefully poised shot of someone using the 'Delete Photo' button on their iPhone to prime effect - never before has modern mobile phone technology been so dramatic!

In another key scene, two members of the camera crew filming the whole video bump into each-other, prompting giggles from two of the girls - we imagine this accidental nudge leads to a whirlwind romance and eventually marriage; a romantic tonic to the previous 'Delete Photo' scene.

It's all rather lovely, charming stuff and the Wonderland girls carry it off well. Incidentally, the band are also running a Facebook competition where you can design your own cover for the single.

Nothing Moves Me Anymore is released on the 14th August.

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