Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wonderland - Starlight

Not to be confused with the new Sophie Ellis-Bextor track of the same name, Wonderland's next single following Not A Love Song is Starlight. While the full version of the track is yet to premiere yet, there are a number of clips of the track floating around on YouTube including a short extract of the studio version and a live performance.

My personal favourite has to be the dancey 7th Heaven Mix (who have previously re-worked The Saturdays' Higher). It starts slow and subtle before launching into a soaring, spacey chorus - properly epic in all sense of the word. The chorus of 'I wanna dance underneath your light, cos you pull me in like you're on my side. When I die in the day, I'm revived at night. Can I call you mine,' is just amazing; one of those real bliss on the dancefloor moments. And just at the end of the clip you can hear the beginnings of a dub-step breakdown. The mix just got even better.

What I really love is that as dancey as this version is, it retains enough pop sensibility that it could just as easily be presented as the radio version of the track. Fans of Girls Aloud and The Saturdays, if you haven't already checked out Wonderland then this could be the one to convert you.

In terms of the studio version, it's got a real drive to it and like Not A Love Song, really plays to the strengths of the girls' impressive harmonies. The band are currently in LA filming the video and we can't wait to see the finished thing!

Starlight is released on the 22nd May. You can also pre-order Wonderland's debut album here.

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